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AltSchool FAQ

What is AltSchool?
AltSchool is a partnership between educators, entrepreneurs, researchers and engineers who are driven to deliver whole-child, personalized learning.
AltSchool runs its own lab schools in California and New York, where educators are co-developing a software platform—in collaboration with a dedicated team of designers, researchers, and engineers—to develop the tools and insights to tailor their practice based on each student’s needs.
The AltSchool Network includes its own lab schools as well as partner schools across the U.S. that share their aim of transforming educational experiences for children. Learn more about AltSchool and their educational approach.
Why did you partner with AltSchool? What does it mean to be a partner school?
Kohelet was one of a handful of schools that was selected from hundreds of applicants to be a pilot partner school for the AltSchool platform. We chose to work with AltSchool due to the close alignment of their mission of to “enabling all children to reach their potential” and our mission to“ utilize replicable, empirically supported, student-centered methods of pedagogy in order to maximize learning for all students in both Judaic and General Studies.” As a partner school in the AltSchoolNetwork, we will be able to leverage their proprietary product and services platform to deliver a truly personalized learning experience to our students.
How will AltSchool be used in the classroom?
The AltSchool platform is the foundation for student-driven learning, built for educators, with educators.
More than just a learning management system, the platform is a learner-centric system of tools and services that helps educators in diverse environments to personalize instruction for each child, in a way that reflects both real-world and digital learning, group and individual instruction, and academic and non-academic growth. Built upon leading educational research, it has been developed and continually refined through collaboration with educators, parents, and students in AltSchool’s own lab schools. AltSchool’s platform is designed to empower educators, equipping them with the knowledge to understand each student’s needs and the tools to tailor each experience accordingly.
Schools that are Powered by AltSchool are part of the AltSchool Network, a group of leading educational systems that includes lab schools as well as partner schools. Partner schools leverage the AltSchool platform as a resource to support classroom instruction and deepen their practice. The platform offers solutions for all stages of learning, including academic and non-academic goals, personalized curriculum, documentation and assessment, and engaging with parents. Teachers will use the AltSchool platform to manage student learning in the classroom, track their performance and document evidence of learning and regularly share home student work and progress.
Is AltSchool an online learning program? How much time will my child be on the computer?
AltSchool is not online learning. AltSchool allows educators to design and manage student-centered learning experiences. Sometimes this may mean using online programs, butAltSchool is meant to empower teachers not replace them.The time spent online or on devices will vary from teacher to teacher and lesson to lesson.AltSchool helps teachers quickly track and manage a wide variety of learning experiences, the majority of which take place “offline”. This is the unique advantage of AltSchool’s platform, it allows teachers to capture and share naturally emergent learning.
How will I use AltSchool?
To access the platform visit . You can log-in using the email you have provided the school. The first time you log-in, click “forgot password” to generate a new password.
As a parent you have access to “Stream” where your child’s teacher will regularly share updates about your child’s learning. These may be cards documenting a learning activity or assessment.You can also check-in on your child’s work towards key learning goals.Your teacher may also share regular class updates, reminders and alerts through stream. You will receive an email digest at the end of the day detailing any new posts and an immediate email should an alert be posted to stream.
How does AltSchool manage data security?
AltSchool is committed to ensuring the highest of security standards in regards to all student data. Data from each partner school is stored separately. Student data can only be accessed by:
● administrators and educators of the school
● parents (but parents can only access their own child’s data)
● limited support staff of AltSchool
AltSchool will never sell personally identifiable information or use any personally identifiable information to engage in targeted advertising.
Who can I contact for help with AltSchool?
Please email for any technical support needs.