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Jackie Moster

Morah Jackie grew up in Woodmere, NY, but quickly fell in love with Philadelphia when she moved here in 2010 for graduate school. Morah Jackie received her masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and continued her training in Applied Behavior Analysis at Arcadia University. Morah Jackie has been working as a school social worker for the last ten years. She enjoys working with children and their families to support them with their social, emotional, and academic needs. Morah Jackie has a particular interest in facilitating students’ development and maintenance of core social skills, self-regulation, and executive functioning. During her time as a school social worker, Jackie collaborated with professionals across multiple disciplines to ensure a child’s optimal success inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, she has designed and facilitated school-wide initiatives to promote a kind and inclusive school environment. Morah Jackie is excited to spend time in the classroom and nurture her students’ interests, relationships and learning. Being a part of the Kohelet community as a parent and faculty member is a dream come true.