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Parent Resources

Health Records 

The school required parents to fill out and submit an annual student health history for each child. Students are not permitted to attend school if their immunizations are not up to date and fully documented. Forms should be submitted to the office before the beginning of the school year.

KYLS Medical Forms 2018

KYLS Medical Authorization 2018

Copy of insurance card (email to

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Alternate Pick-Up
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Nut Policy

As you may be aware, the incidence and severity of food allergies is on the rise among children today. Peanut allergies, especially, can be life threatening.

KYLS is a nut-controlled environment in all locations. This means that food served to all children is nut-free and processed on nut-free equipment. We ask all parents to refrain from sending in any food that contains any nuts, even if it is meant to be consumed only by your child. In children with severe allergies, even inhaling the scent of certain nuts can cause acute allergic reactions. Products that that state: “May contain trace nuts” may not be sent to school. Products that state: “Processed on equipment that produces nuts” may be sent in for your child’s consumption only, i.e. their own lunch or snack. Please note:products that state “Processed on equipment that produces nuts” MAY NOT be sent in for class occasions, such as parties.  If a child brings in a birthday snack for their class that is not suitable, the snack will be held by the teachers and returned to the student at the end of the day. Additionally, please reinforce our “no sharing food rule” with your children, especially on the bus and in carpool.

At this time, our school wide policy extends only to nuts. If there are other food allergies associated with a child in your child’s class, you will be notified on a class by class basis.


Lunch Program
Kohelet Yeshiva Lab School offers pizza and a vegetable side on Tuesdays. Please note that you cannot order lunch week to week, you must sign up per semester or the entire year.

KYLS Lunch Program Form

Parent and Student Handbook
This handbook contains important information related to the rights and responsibilities of staff, parents, and students as well as the day to day program at our school. Please take a few minutes to read through the handbook and sign the Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgement. Once signed, please email the acknowledgement to or mail it to Kohelet Yeshiva Lab School - 223 N. Highland Avenue, Merion Station, PA 19066. We encourage you to refer to this handbook throughout the school year.