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Immersion in the Arts

“The world is God’s art gallery and His masterpieces are everywhere.”
-Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Covenant & Conversation, Terumah 5776
“Words are the language of the mind. Music is the language of the soul.”
-Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Covenant & Conversation, Beshalach 5772
At Kohelet Yeshiva we believe that in order to fully appreciate those masterpieces and in order to tap into that spiritual language, one has to start young.  Music, drama and art are therefore critical components of a Kohelet education from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Led by masters of their respective crafts, students are exposed to a wide range of musical, dramatic and fine arts through their elementary and middle school years, and then given opportunities to focus in on areas of interest as they move through high school.
The Arts not only provide students with the tools to explore their religious and spiritual selves, but empower them with invaluable tools for self expression as well.  A stage in every Lab School classroom encourages children to engage in dramatic play from an early age.  Project-based units in both General Studies and Judaic Studies in Middle School culminate in public exhibitions that showcase the students’ creative talents.  Twice a year, the Kohelet gym is transformed into a cabaret-style cafe as the community is invited in to hear high school students perform and to see exhibitions of their art.  From an annual play guided by a professional theater director to a musical written, choreographed, and directed by the high school girls every year, and from a boys a cappela group to a girls choir, Kohelet students can be found practicing, rehearsing, and preparing during school hours and afterward at any time of the year.
In a world where creativity, communication, and confidence are in increasing demand, Kohelet Yeshiva’s focus on the Arts not only cultivates well-rounded, spiritually sophisticated young men and women, but prepares them for the brightest of futures as well.