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A Community of Learners

Underlying Kohelet Yeshiva’s mission is the deep-seated belief that every person, at every stage of life, ought to be challenging themselves each and every day to learn and to grow.   
In order to nurture that lifelong passion for learning, Kohelet Yeshiva embraces the fact that no two learners are exactly alike.  In the words of Chazal (Berachot 58b):
"כשם שפרצופיהם שונים כך דעותיהם שונות"
"Just as their faces are different, so are their minds.” 
The programs at Kohelet Yeshiva reflect these difference at every step of a child’s education.  From highly personalized instructional groups in Kindergarten through 8th grade to multiple tracks for every subject on the high school level, including 11 different AP courses, students always have the opportunity to a balance an appropriate amount of challenge with a feeling of accomplishment and success.  In fact, Kohelet Yeshiva has taken a bold new step in broadening the scope of children whose needs can be successfully met in the classroom, by ensuring that at least one member of every teaching team in K-8 has a background in Special Education. At the high school level, students with learning differences receive an array of academic and executive functioning support through the school’s Learning Center.
The learning community at Kohelet, though, extends well beyond a diverse student body.  The school’s faculty and staff are constantly pushing themselves to learn more and to further hone their craft.  The Beit Midrash extends this community even further. With shiurim during the day and in the evenings, Shabbatot Shel Ruach and Shabbat Scholars, inspiring tefillot for the Yamim Noraim, Purim, and Yom Ha’atzma’ut, the Beit Midrash models for our students what lifelong learning and what a learning community truly looks like.