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Drama, Arts & Music

Kohelet students take courses in the Arts each year. In their Freshman and Sophomore years, students take one semester of art and one semester of music. Our visual and performing arts program introduces students to different media and techniques, and relies on in-class discussions, demonstrations, and peer and teacher reviews. Our music program is designed to cultivate an appreciation of music, and accommodates all students, from those who have no formal background in music, to those with a very strong background.

Special Performances

Kohelet Café

This event showcases our students’ musical talents. Kohelet Café takes place twice a year on a Motzei Shabbat or Sunday evening and replicates a café environment with our students as the performers. Guests sit at café tables and drinks and desserts are available for purchase. Our girls perform in the first hour for girls and women only; in the second hour, we open our Café to the entire community.

Drama Production

Each year, Kohelet students have the opportunity to perform in a drama production under the direction of a local theater director. These productions are of contemporary and well-known plays, can utilize dialect coaches and take place in the school’s main lobby, which is transformed into an intimate, professionally-lit theater.