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Learn How You Can Help Kohelet Students Through the EITC Program!
Your PA tax dollars can help send a deserving child to Kohelet.
The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program allows individuals and businesses to redirect their PA tax dollars into critical needs-based scholarships for Jewish children, including eligible Kohelet students. This is NOT a's money you already owe in taxes.
This incredible program has enabled Kohelet Yeshiva to provide essential tuition assistance to families in our community that qualify. Last year alone, thanks to our EITC participants, Kohelet distributed close to $1.5 million dollars in EITC scholarships to over one-quarter of our student body. In order to meet the needs of our families for the next academic year during these trying economic times we need your participation!
Through the EITC program you redirect your PA taxes to Kohelet Yeshiva to help fund scholarships, and in return you get 90% of that back in the form of a tax credit. In addition, you may be able to claim the remaining 10% as a charitable deduction.
Applying online to take part in the EITC program is easy and fast! Don't delay...if you're eligible to participate, help us today!
If you or your company pay at least $6,200 of Pennsylvania income tax, you can redirect those dollars for scholarships to Kohelet Yeshiva students.
Businesses make their EITC contribution to an approved Scholarship Organization (SO). Kohelet Yeshiva partners with the Foundation for Jewish Day Schools (FJDS), which is an approved SO for EITC purposes, and you can designate our school as the ultimate recipient for your funds.
Click Here to view the FJDS instructions for business owners wishing to apply for their own awards.
Individuals and business owners can join a Special Purpose Entity managed by our partners at the Pennsylvania Education Partnership LLC.
To learn more or to get started, please email PEP Executive Director Gwen Horowitz at [email protected].
As always, please consult your tax adviser regarding your specific circumstances.
For questions about the EITC program or other giving opportunities to support Kohelet Yeshiva, please email Amanda Kohn at [email protected].