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Educational Approach

Kohelet Yeshiva High School provides an environment that cultivates within you a desire to grow as a person and as a Jew, to find yourself and your unique talents, to uncover your passions, hone and augment them, and to safely discover what matters most to you in the world. It instills in you a deep connection to Torah, the State of Israel, and an appreciation for the value of lifelong learning. It’s a place to build relationships. It gives you the space to stumble, pick yourself up, and try again. It offers you avenues to become inspired. It provides you with the opportunity to ask deep questions and to discover answers that resonate powerfully with you in any subject.
In addition to nurturing you academically and religiously, our aim is also to create a community that is predicated upon honesty, empathy, respect, and responsibility. We look forward to joining you on your quest, engaging you on your journey, encouraging you to pursue your dreams, and watching, with pride, as you find your inner self.
With confidence in your abilities to succeed,
Rabbi Noam Stein - Principal
Rabbi Aaron Horn - Associate Principal    
Dr. Jeremy Sullivan - Associate Principal


OUR educational approach is predicated on four PASSIONS AND PRINCIPLES


Kohelet strives to create a community of knowledgeable and passionate students who are committed to Ahavat Hashem and Yir’at Shamayim in an environment that fosters a love of Torah study and a dedication to Halakhah.  As such, Kohelet's curriculum emphasizes the primacy of Torah study, with a focus on Gemara and Tanach, in a manner that encourages both sophisticated textual analysis and enduring spiritual relevance.  

Kohelet is devoted to the importance of providing such opportunities equally for both men and women while cultivating a culture of mutual respect and spiritual growth in single gender classes. Kohelet’s Beit Midrash provides opportunities for intensive study beyond the classroom while modeling the centrality of a vibrant makom Torah and the pursuit of lifelong limud ha-Torah for all members of the Jewish community.


Kohelet provides its students with an innovative and rigorous college preparatory General Studies education that reaches toward the highest standards of academic excellence and emphasizes inquiry and exploration in all disciplines. Kohelet also believes that an appreciation for the arts is important to the creation of spiritually integrated and culturally literate individuals, and therefore plays a meaningful part in every student’s educational experience.  


Through an understanding of the unfolding of Jewish History and through immersion in modern Hebrew language and culture, Kohelet strives to imbue its students with a love of Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael. In order to deepen their connection to Medinat Yisrael and religious Zionism, students are taught to advocate for Israel and are encouraged to spend time following graduation living and learning there.  

COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITY                     

The Kohelet educational experience fosters social and emotional growth by encouraging and enabling students to become active, reflective, and caring citizens of their school, their country, and the global community at large.  Kohelet inspires and empowers its students to utilize the skills, content and values imparted to them across all disciplines to make their world a better place.