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The Kohelet Family

Every day at Kohelet Yeshiva begins with a smile.  Each morning as students step off the bus, come out of the car, walk down the path, or dismount from their bike, they are warmly greeted by an administrator who ensures that their day gets started on the right foot.  As they make their way through the hallways, they meet up with their friends from across the region and from across different grades, all of whom see Kohelet as their home away from home.  
From the minute a child enters Kindergarten in Kohelet Yeshiva, he or she is placed into a chevra - a small micro-community within the class - with a teacher specifically assigned to look out for their holistic wellbeing.  As they advance through the grades the warmth of the teachers and their relationship with their students only grows stronger.  From faculty advisors in the Middle School to academic, religious, Israel, and college guidance counselors in the high school there are encouraging adults ready and willing to help every Kohelet student, every step of the way.
The Kohelet campus itself exudes a sense of belonging.  The wainscoted walls and wood burning fireplaces in the High School invite students to unwind from the pressures of a rigorous academic program, while the comfy carpets in the Lab School beg for children to curl up with a book and lose themselves in a world of creativity and imagination.
Indeed, the sense of family at Kohelet is so strong that it stays with students long after they’ve graduated.  On college and yeshiva breaks, alumni can often be spotted in the halls reconnecting with younger friends or catching up with the teachers who helped prepare them for their next stage of life.  
Today, Kohelet is even more of a family than it’s ever been.  As a full K-12, brothers and sisters of all ages can now attend the very same school located in the very heart of the Lower Merion Orthodox community.  With a vibrant Beit Midrash offering weekly shiurim, special Shabbat scholars, and a wide array of additional adult programing, Kohelet Yeshiva has quite literally become a center for intellectual and spiritual growth for the entire family.