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Welcome to KYMS

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a truly special place of learning. At Kohelet Yeshiva Lab School and Kohelet Yeshiva Middle School we are building a community and culture around an essential question, “what do we know about how children learn?” As parents and as our partners we look forward to working with you as we explore the endless possibilities of how your child learns and grows at Kohelet Yeshiva. Guided by a constructivist theory of education, our school environment is designed to promote curiosity and opportunities for discovery, which, in turn, create deep and impactful learning. As each child is unique, with special gifts, passions, and capabilities, the learning structures at KYLS and KYMS are built to support individual progress and allow your child to thrive.    

Thank you for entrusting your child and his or her education to us. We look forward to welcoming you often into our learning space. We want you to see your child develop lifelong connections to Torah, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People along with an insatiable desire to explore, understand, and engage in all facets of his or her ever-changing world.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to many wonderful years together.

Mrs. Becky Troodler
Rabbi David Wilensky                                         Mrs. Michal Twersky
Associate Principal for Judaic Studies K-8          Assistant Principal
[email protected]                            [email protected]