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Educational Approach

At KYMS we cultivate the skills and mindset children need to meaningfully analyze, comprehend and apply information. These tools allow children to succeed academically, socially, emotionally and religiously in an ever changing world.

Our pedagogy is driven by the question "what do we know about how children learn?" Influenced by constructivist theories of learning, we see children as active constructors of their knowledge through interactions with the world around them, rather than passive recipients of information.

Direct instruction is used as a means of enabling students to explore additional information on their own. At KYMS, our students develop as learners within carefully designed structures and frameworks that account for the differences in each child’s nature and experience.

At KYMS, learning is seen as a journey with multiple pathways toward the same destination. Learning is a natural process for which all children are wired. At KYMS learning goes deep. Students internalize information and can apply it to new situations and new contexts.

Learning is guided by the interest and needs of each student within the content area. Learning happens within well designed parameters set by teachers to ensure that each student meets his or her specific curricular goals.


At KYMS we begin with the big picture before delving into the particulars. "Big Questions" and "Essential Ideas" create context for everything students learn. We rely on primary sources of data, manipulatives, and materials. Our curricula are consistently and collaboratively reviewed and revised to ensure maximal social, emotional, behavioral and academic progress for each student.

Motivation is cultivated intrinsically by tapping into student interest and excitement for the material being learned. Motivation is sustained by maximizing opportunities for students to recognize and take pride in their own individual progress.

KYMS classes are fluid and dynamic. Students are taught to work collaboratively and to learn from peers. Students are engaged as thinkers with emerging theories about the world. At KYMS significant focus is placed on providing students with opportunities to lead.

Assessments are always developmentally appropriate and designed to promote rigor and maximal challenge for every student. Each assessment is interwoven with teaching so as to promote student learning, and may take the form of individual student conversations, performances, exhibitions, portfolios, or tests. Most importantly, assessments are used by teachers to guide future instruction for each individual student.
Students are successful when they achieve their individual learning goals and demonstrate developmentally appropriate competency in a given skill or subject area. Teachers are successful when each student achieves his or her individual goals.