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Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

We believe that a well-rounded student should have the opportunity to explore his or her personal interests in depth and with proper supervision and encouragement.

Torah Learning Opportunities

One of our goals at Kohelet is to cultivate Bnei and Bnot Torah. One of the ways that we aim to accomplish this, in addition to rigorous limudei kodesh classes, is by providing additional learning opportunities for our students. Students can register to take a Beit Midrash Elective, can sign up for the Torah club, can learn mishnayot during breakfast, or can attend student-lead mishmar sessions. In addition, our Zuckerman Matmidim program provides a multiplicity of incentives to encourage students to learn in-depth Tanach and Gemara outside of class.

Student Activities

Student programming is an essential component of the creation of the warm and embracing Kohelet environment. The experiential components of our curriculum provide opportunities for students to develop the “soft skills” that they will need in the world beyond the classroom. As a whole school, the students will experience holiday programming, speakers, team-building opportunities, and other fun and educational activities.


To maximize the Chesed experience and foster a sense of community and sensitivity to others, Kohelet students participate in a Chesed project each semester that allows them to build relationships and create experiences with chosen organizations. A faculty advisor meets with each student to help concretize their plans and monitor success of placements. Additionally, as a group, the entire school participates in service learning projects at various points throughout the year.

Clubs & Co-curriculars

Our weekly co-curricular and club meeting time allows students time to explore a particular interest in depth and to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Club offerings include A capella, art, band, chesed, choir, chidon ha-Tanach, debate, coding, film club, Israeli cooking, science club, strategic games, and Torah club. Our co-curricular offerings include AIPAC, Chagiga, Human Rights, JUMP, literary magazine, math competitions, Megillah reading, Minding Your Mind, Model UN, music VS, newspaper, student ambassadors, and yearbook.
Students have the opportunity to change club selections several times during the year, though many commit to the same clubs for a year or longer.