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Religious Life at KYHS

Religious Guidance


Kohelet Yeshiva has a number of different avenues in which to support social, emotional, and religious growth. The goal of the religious guidance program is to help each student grow religiously and spiritually based on his or her own individual strengths and needs. Each student is paired with a Religious Guidance Counselor of his or her choosing and will meet with him or her on an ongoing basis throughout the year to set goals and to pursue an individual path to growth. While one student may be interested in learning about proofs of G-d's existence, another may want someone to work with him or her to improve in the area of Bein Adam lechavero. The Religious Guidance Counselors are trained in how to ask effective questions and help individual students set and achieve their goals. Under the leadership of our administration, the Religious Guidance Counselors also include Rabbi Bauer, Rabbi Gordon, Morah Honig, and Morah Nechama.


Shabbatonim and Trips


Kohelet offers regular infusions of special programming and getaways, because these events are essential to building school spirit and inspiring students. Some of our regular events include: a Freshman Retreat, a Shabbaton for the 10th and 11th grades and an off-campus “Senior Surprise.” One major highlight of the year is the school-wide Shabbaton, held in a beautiful off-campus facility. The programming we run at Kohelet Yeshiva High School creates connections and memories that last a lifetime.

We encourage our students and faculty to befriend other students across grades and departments; to challenge themselves mentally and spiritually to promote the growth of the Kohelet family.